Baptized with a Buddhist origin, the name TRIPITAKS comes from the Pali language which contains three baskets of Buddha’s teachings.

Cutting the philosophy short, TRIPITAKS entertainment illustrates celebrations in the journey called ‘life’.

We celebrate the human nature of celebrations and deliver an aspiring quality of celebrating joys, celebrating the purpose with a balanced blend of creativity, innovation; best technology and set.

TRIPITAKS is a way for perpetual celebrations.

TRIPITAKS is caught in a vicious circle, not letting go the center, the focus, the base – CELEBRATIONS.

Celebrating the big things and at the same time, celebrating little joys of life.We illustrate celebrations that can shake your roots, the roots of celebrating a festival and we ensure to leave you in a ‘vow’ state.

If you have a reason to celebrate, we have a way. A way to make the celebration a celebration in itself. No pun intended. We mean it, we deliver it.

From ambience to mood, from emotions to acts, from flavor to music, from buds to fruits and all the awesome little or big things. Talk about it and we illustrate it – live! Bring us your fantasy and with a blend of creative juices and technology, we ‘abra-ka- dabra’ your fantasy and present it to you.

An experience you’d celebrate with TRIPITAKS and an experience you’d want
to come for again and again. We cherish work, just like a celebration! We’re a bunch of maniacs caught up in the frenzy of always doing and delivering the best and the unseen.

We strive for innovation whether it is about creativity or technology, we illustrate the best.
We have crazy ideas to make it happen. We just need a reason to make it happen. The reason is you, your joy, and your celebration. Bring it on.

Cherish life with TRIPITAKS entertainment.